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Explore the options below to either learn more about who I am and how I began my creative journey, view my portfolio of projects I had the opportunity to get involved with and contact me further to begin working with me.


Please view my video portfolio by the categories/industries section below. To view more video type work I have produced please visit my video portfolio page.

All Videos
Chalkboard Competition - Talk Research - British Heart Foundation
RevivR Boat Race Competition - British Heart Foundation
London to Brighton Bike Ride Event  - 2023
CPR Hero 2023 - Pat Churnside
CPR Hero 2023 - Lee and Krystella P. Davidson
A day of Volunteering - British Heart Foundation
Why do you love volunteering? - The British Heart Foundation
London Marathon 23 - Social Advert
Case Study - Elizabeth Sanderson - The British Heart Foundation


Please view my photo portfolio below. To view more imagery work I have produced please visit my photo portfolio page.



Take a look at the short films I have produced with the link below.

Phone App


Looking to work with me? Please feel free to contact me with the contact form and lets begin partnering together.

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